Up Best Catches Of 2008

Nikol with 5.3 kg pagru
Nikol with kahli
Noel Becks with 5.3 kg pagru
Jonathan & Kathleen with a pasterdella caught off a sailing boat in Sicily channel
Jonathan with a 4ft7 pastardella
Kubrita 14.5kg caught by Conrad Zammit on 0.50mm line while fishing for lampuki
Pastardella caught by Manwel Arpa (Fishrod) & Frankie (Jorluc) on a 0.60mm handline
Noel (call sign Becks) with a pixxispad (swordfish) caught on longlines cast in the night in June
Noel holding a pixxispad caught on longlines
Pixxispad (Swordfish) caught on longlines by Noel (Becks) cast in the night in June
Nikol with his son Noel and 2 pagri
Noel il-Becks with 2 pagri - 4.6kg & 3.3kg
Noel Xuereb with a 3.3kg pagru
Noel Xuereb with a pagru caught on longlines
Massive lampuka caught by Mark Galea off a sailing yacht
Franky Jorluc with a tuna caught whilst trolling for albacore
Ryan Delia holding a swordfish caught whilst casting a bottom longline
Lizzijiet maqbudin bil-haj minn Lizio Delia

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